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Value Engineering

At Swiftline, we are focussed on providing our clients with the right solution, at the best possible cost.

We recognise that accurate construction costing requires a comprehensive understanding of project costs and all factors that impact project costs. Our methodical and practical approach includes detailed measurements of quantity, market-factored pricing, and meticulous scheduling services.

We will not compromise on the quality of materials, or the scope of the project scope, but strive to manage project costs through efficient and organised processes and smart procurement techniques.

This includes clear planning methods and the rigorous examination of the project cost-base focussed on the elimination of any unnecessary costs. In particular, we look to eliminate any cost which provides neither use, nor extended life, quality, appearance, nor valuable customer features.  We will review and propose alternatives to materials, equipment or designs, provided these can save the Client money in up-front or long-term maintenance costs.

Swiftline Services

Swiftline building services has been at the forefront of the construction services industry for many years, gaining a deserved reputation as a high quality contractor in the Mechanical and Electrical Sector in particular, and over the last few years diversifying our service offering to include a range of complementary services.

Swiftline is comprised of a number of specialist departments, each bringing a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience to the projects we undertake. We use our skills in a broad range of engineering disciplines to ensure a co-ordinated approach, and creating best value for our clients.

Using a trained and highly qualified workforce, operating from our head office in London Swiftline provides services to Main contractors and direct clients alike.

Our operations are focused in four main areas of expertise:

The Company