Renewable Energy

Swiftline Building Services Group offers a complete package of services within the renewable energy sector, including full design, project management, installation and also full maintenance packages. We have a proven track record within this sector, and are able to demonstrate savings been achieved as a result of integration of these services within a project. We have extensive practical capabilities covering Solar Energy - Photo Voltaic (PV), Ground Heat Source Pumps (Geothermal), Bio Mass systems, Waste to Energy plants and also CHP plant installations.

We specialise in:-

  • Solar Energy – Photo Voltaic (PV) Systems  - (Generation of Electricity from Solar Power)
  • Ground Heat Source Systems Geothermal - (Extraction of heat from underground for heating)
  • Bio Mass plants -  (Conversion of waste to Gases for energy production)
  • Waste to Energy -  (Incineration of waste to produce energy)
  • CHP Boilers - Combined heat and power plants – (Production of Electricity and heat)

Swiftline Services

Swiftline is comprised of a number of specialist departments, each bringing a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience to the projects we undertake. We use our skills in a broad range of engineering disciplines to ensure a co-ordinated approach, and creating best value for our clients.